Chapter 1 is the first dream sequence in Kaito's adventure. It acts as a tutorial to the game's most basic mechanics, such as swiping left and right, and tapping on stars in the sky.


Part 1Edit

Kaito and Aya are skateboarding through a city at night, to the sounds of Albéniz' Asturias. You see hot dog vendors, ice cream vans, children with balloons and various townspeople out enjoying the evening.

A stardust trail appears, which you must follow by swiping left or right. Following the trail leads you to to the first Big Star to collect.

Next, there are a few tap-stars in the sky, followed by some approaching cars & mopeds to dodge. As the cars become more frequent, a stardust trail appears to guide you around them, leading you to the second Big Star of the level.

Part 2 Edit

A tunnel forms around the road, with lights on the ceiling and some more tap-stars, including some doubles which you must tap with two fingers simultaneously.

As the music changes to Swan Lake, the tunnel retracts to reveal that Kaito and Aya are now skating on a bridge high above the ground. Futuristic flying cars come from all sides, and floating advertisements loom down upon them as their speed picks up.

Motorbikes and police cars approach from behind, and as the sun begins to rise more tap-stars appear. The city expands below, and the cars begin zooming toward you more frequently.

A decrescendo is accompanied by one more sequence of tap-stars, and a final stardust trail which leads you through approaching cars and bikes, to the final Big Star.